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Liposuction Surgery

liposuction in ludhiana, punjab, india

Liposuction is a surgical procedure where fat deposits beneath the skin are removed using a hollow stainless steel tube called cannula with the help of a powerful vacuum suction. Instant and dramatic results of liposuction in Ludhiana, Punjab, India have made it a much desired cosmetic procedure. It can be performed on any body part, arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, face etc. effectively and depending on target part, is usually performed under general/ local anesthesia or with heavy IV sedation.

Liposuction is not to be confused as a mean of weight loss or treatment for obesity. It deals with those stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to exercising and/or dieting. It would not be incorrect to call liposuction in Chandigarh an artistic endeavor for body contouring or sculpturing.

Best and Safest- Tumescent Technique

- Tumescent Technique takes away the need for general anesthesia and associated side-effects.

Procedure becomes practically bloodless.

Serial-liposuctions at multiple areas can be performed at few days’ intervals. In fact, serial Liposuction is possible only with tumescent technique.

No post surgical overnight stay in hospital or clinic required.

Post- operation pain and discomfort is negligible and easy to deal with.

Incisions are minute (few mm only) and no stitches are necessary. Marks are insignificant and fade away in no time.

The procedure offers much better results on consistent basis when compared to any other method.

Abdominal Liposuction
Abdomen is the most common part of the body that men as well as women choose for liposuction. Success of abdominal liposuction would depend on a number of factors including age and gender of the patient, location and amount of fat, past record of weight gain and loss, medical history of pregnancy.

Anterior Thighs Liposuction
In some places aesthetics are more important than volume reduced. Anterior thighs happen to be one of those places. Excessive liposuction may produce ugly irregularities of the skin easily, therefore surgeon’s judgment should be trusted when it comes to volume of fat removal.

Arm Liposuction
Tumescent liposuction using microcannulas give outstanding results in arms. Undoubtedly, liposuction of arms consistently yields patient satisfaction of highest degree.

Female Breast Liposuction - Breast Reduction
For those looking for female breast reduction and lift tumescent liposuction under local anesthesia produces gratifying results.

Male Breast Liposuction
Liposuction of the male breast simple procedure meant to improve the patient's physical appearance by removing excessive fat without causing any damage to skin or muscles.

Buttocks Liposuction
Tumescent liposuction of the buttocks is considered a success when uniformly smooth results accompanied by a reasonable reduction in size and bulk. The surgeon must ensure symmetry and steer clear of unnecessary fat elimination.

Face and Neck Liposuction
Tumescent liposuction has proven to be the safest and the most effective way to remove unwanted fat deposits from chin, cheeks and jowls. This technique of liposuction involves fewer complications or scars, swift recovery, lower costs, and more natural looking results when compared to a facelift.

Removing Love Handles
Also known as love-handles, flanks in men and waist in women, these deposits of fat just above the crest of the hip bone are stubborn and unsightly. Liposuction offers an easy and economical way to get rid of them.

Inner Thigh Liposuction
Inner thigh area is a matter of concern among many women who seek liposuction to improve the silhouette of the thigh and reduce the discomfort from rubbing together of the inner thighs. Absence of lumpiness or irregularity of shape after the procedure is considered success.

Buttocks Liposuction
Pleasing size and bulk reduction coupled with uniform smoothness is the goal of tumescent liposuction of the buttocks. Best surgeons go for symmetry and avoid undue fat removal.

Legs and Ankle Liposuction
Localized fat on female legs and ankles is genetically predetermined and many women, to their dismay discover that this fat is resistant to diet and exercise. Under such circumstances leg and ankle by tumescent liposuction is the best way out.

Outer Thighs Liposuction
Fat on female thighs and hips genetically determined and often exercise and dieting has no effect on it. Liposuction of the thighs often means better fitted clothes and no embarrassment when wearing a bathing suit.

Cost/Price of Liposuction in India
The pricing related to liposuction largely depends upon the technique chosen; Vaser/Ultrasonic. The intensity of the fat deposits in the area also determines the treatment cost.


Ultrasonic Liposuction - Before & After Results


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