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Gynaecomastia or Male Breast Reduction

gynaecomastia/male breast reduction in ludhiana, punjab, india

Development of breast tissues in men is referred to as male breast or gynecomastia. Men belonging to different age groups in India suffer from Gynaecomastia. Kyra Clinic is renowned cosmetic surgery center situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Adolescents sometimes develop breasts owing to hormonal changes known as physiological gynaecomastia. In majority of cases, they subside on their own, but in others they persist and have to be treated surgically.

Gynaecomastia could be very awkward for men and affect his self esteem and morale. However, hormonal changes or disorders are not the only reasons. Liver failure, testicular failure, medication with steroids over an extended period, cimetidine digitalis etc. also cause development of male breasts.

Finding the cause after proper consultation with an endocrinologist or aesthetic plastic surgeon should be the right step in the direction of getting rid of this embarrassing condition. Unfortunately there is no non surgical treatment of Gynaecomastia. But a good plastic surgeon at a reputable clinic can help patients remove male breasts without leaving any visible scars.

Who is the Right Candidate for Gynaecomastia
A physically fit man with significant breasts ranging from mild, moderate or severe that causes him embarrassment.

Mild breasts usually have a glandular structureGlandular structure is usually found in mild breasts which are made up of fat and fibrous tissue without excessive skin.

Moderate breasts, along with the gland, consist of some extra skin.

In severe gynaecomastia, the excess skin has to be removed long with gland for gratifying results.

The Procedure
Male breast reduction procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia.

Depending on the nature of breasts, it is possible to get rid of the breast gland by liposuction alone if it is mostly fatty. This method leaves no scars apart from a few access ports of less than half a centimeter in size. Excess skin contracts in the next six weeks, leaving a smooth and leveled chest.

In case of more fibrous and nodular breasts, a small infra-areolar incision is made to remove breast tissue. Same procedure is followed if a nodule is left behind after liposuction.

Post Op Recuperation
Wounds usually take 7 days to a fortnight to heal. Patient is advised to wear a compression garment for six weeks after surgery to allow the empty spaces to collapse, skin to retract and stick to the chest wall muscles.

Bruising and swelling should subside in 3 - 6 weeks. A soft and comfortable dressing around chest will provide firm support while a tube will drain accumulated fluids from each side, in case of excision. Once drainage stops, tube will be removed.

Scars after Surgery
No visible scars are left with liposuction. Other techniques also leave barely visible marks that fade away with time.

Risks and Complications
All surgical procedures carry certain risk factors due to their inherent nature. From general risks like infections and delayed wound healing bleeding and collection of blood under the skin (hematoma) cannot be ruled out. Risks specific to gynaecomastia after open or excision technique are saucer deformity, inversion or retraction of nipple retraction or inversion of nipple and saucer deformity.

Bleeding is rare and good surgeons know how to stop it.

Make sure you discuss all risks involved with doctor during consultation prior to your consent for surgery.

Progress and healing
Incisions after breast reduction usually heal in 7 days time when stitches are removed.

Healing follows for several weeks during which the doctor suggest you to wear compression garment for at least six weeks.

Proper weight training can be resumed after six weeks.

Final result becomes visible almost right away though swelling and bruising makes skin look puffy. Most of the swelling subsides by three months.

Kyra Clinic – For Quality Gynecomastia Treatment
For those looking to get the procedure done from best cosmetic surgery center that offers a combination of quality and affordable cost can zero in at Kyra Clinic for economical breast reduction treatment. Kyra Clinic in Ludhiana offers state-of-art facilities with experienced team of surgeons headed by Dr. Vikas Gawri.

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