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Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is known by many other names like facial fat rejuvenation, free fat transfer, fat transfer, micro-lipoinjection, autologous fat grafting/transfer or simply fat injections. Most popularly, procedure is known as fat grafting.

Basically, Fat Grafting in Ludhiana is a combination of two procedures - First procedure aims to harvest the fat from one body part and then secondly this harvested fat is injected into the treatment area.

If you are wondering about what Fat Grafting procedure would be useful for, here are some of the problems that can be relieved by means of fat grafting: - Dull and wrinkled face - It offers facial rejuvenation
- Augmentation of lips or cheeks
- Correction of hollowness around the eyes
- Scars from acne
- It is also used as a Corrective Measure after removal of large amount of fat by means of liposuction.

Fat Grafting by best cosmetic surgeon can be done on an outpatient basis and is usually performed under local anesthesia.

The greatest advantage of the procedure is the use of your own fat, which is soft and natural. This usage of your own fat for correction of deformities eliminates chances of any immune problems.

In the recent past, a lot of improvement has been achieved in the field of fat grafting which has led to better and improved results of the procedures for patients.

The results of the procedure largely depend upon how the fat is removed from the site by the doctor, how it gets concentrated and treated. The amount of fat injected and its right location also has a great impact on the post- procedure results

Your choice of cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab largely determines the success of the procedure and also the efficacy of surgical results. The procedure comes with an affordable price tag.

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Fat Grafting for Cheeks Fat Grafting for Cheeks Deformity

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