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Liposuction Treatment

Dr. Vikas Gawri I am Sarabjeet Kaur , a NRI from Australia, came to my homestate of Punjab . I got Ultrasonic Liposculpture for my abdomen and also vaginal tightening surgery at Kyra Clinic.
Results are perfect and Dr. Gawri is a cosmetic surgeon at par with any best surgeon in Australia.

-Sarabjeet, Australia
Dr. Vikas Gawri I couldn't be happier and thankful that I got referred to Kyra Clinic by a friend. I not only got rid of those bulging fat pockets but my new body shape helps me shine with confidence. Thank you, Dr. Gawri.

-Aparna Sharma, 37, Noida
Dr. Vikas Gawri I got my Vaser liposuction for tummy and arms with Dr. Vikas Gawri. He is confident and humble right from our telephonic conversations upto marking my body on the day of surgery. He took out 5 litres of liquid fat and I was comfortable in the same evening.

-Arshinder Kaur, 32, Chandigarh
Dr. Vikas Gawri I was a bit hesitant to try cosmetic procedure to get rid of my fat pads around thighs and arms. It was after consulting Dr. Vikas Gawri that I got rid of my hesitation. I love to myself in the mirror now and can wear my favorite dresses without hassles. I gladly refer Kyra Clinic to anyone looking for a quality liposuction treatment.

-Renu Yadav, 29, Jalandhar
Dr. Vikas Gawri I would like to thank Dr. Vikas Gawri and also staff of Kyra Clinic for the comfort offered to me before, during, and after my liposuction treatment. My hideous bulging tummy is no longer a problem for me. I feel more comfortable with my physique and more confident too.

-Anil Semwal, 33, Mohali

Rhinoplasty Treatment

Dr. Vikas Gawri I always wanted to straighten out the bump in the center of my nose but was afraid to go under knife. After extensive research, I consulted Dr. Vikas Gawri who helped me discover how actually the procedure can work for me. Three months after the procedure, I feel great with my new nose. Sincere thanks for Dr. Gawri and his team at Kyra Clinic.

-Kritika Aneja, 26, Panipat
Dr. Vikas Gawri I had an accident at age of 17 years. My nose was depressed and broad. Dr Gawri put an readymade nasal implant in my nose.
Today, I am very happy and thankful to him . My nose shape is perfect now , like any model !

-Rohit Narula, 18, Chandigarh
Dr. Vikas Gawri Thank you Dr. Gawri for all the attention and insight to help me seek advantage from Nose Reshaping Surgery. Special thanks to all your staff that never hesitated to go beyond to help.

-Manoj Sachdev, 43, Mumbai
Dr. Vikas Gawri Wonderful care, helpful staff, and experienced doctor - all dedicated to provide best results. What else could I ask for in a clinic for my rhinoplasty. Highly satisfied with results.

-Deepak Gupta, 38, Ludhiana

FUE Hair Transplant

Dr. Vikas Gawri Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I chose to fly to Kyra Clinic for FUE Hair Transplant. This clinic offers the best combination of quality and affordability. Five stars to doctor and clinic.

-David Sheldon, 54, Egypt
Dr. Vikas Gawri Bothered by male pattern baldness that runs in our family, I am glad that I chose Kyra Clinic for my FUE hair transplant. After transplant of 3000 hair follicles, I can enjoy full growth of hair on my scalp and feel better than ever. Thanks to Dr. Gawri in helping me to gain my quality of life back!

-Tishant Grover, 27, New Delhi
Dr. Vikas Gawri After getting FUE hair transplant done from Kyra Clinic, my life has changed for better. I enjoy the undetectable natural results with the comfort of sporting short hairstyles. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Dr. Gawri for the comfortable and painless procedure.

-Jagdeep Singh, 31, Meerut

Tummytuck Treatment

Dr. Vikas Gawri My loose and sagging abdomen had become more of a trouble to me after my two pregnancies. It was then I decided to go for Tummy Tuck. I am glad that I chose Kyra Clinic for the procedure. Dr. Vikas Gawri offered detailed consultation to quell my queries and I underwent tummy tuck with liposuction. I am glad with the results of the procedure.

-Trisha Gulati, 38, Gurgaon
Dr. Vikas Gawri In order to get rid of obesity to find a perfect match, I started exercising vigorously and dieting as well. It left me with a sagging abdomen after a weight loss of 11 kilograms. Liposuction made me gain my desired body shape. Dr. Vikas Gawri at Kyra Clinic is the best doctor for getting this procedure done.

-Anu Bansal, 26, Varanasi
Dr. Vikas Gawri Gone are the days when my sagging abdomen used to be the cause of my embarrassment. After getting Liposuction done from Kyra Clinic, my quality of life got enhanced and I feel great after getting rid of those bulging fat pads.

-Dev Sinha, 36, Pathankot

Breast Augmentaion |Implants | Reduction | Lift

Dr. Vikas Gawri I always used to wonder how would I look with fuller breasts. Small breasts were a cause of my embarrassment since my college days. Breast augmentation from Kyra Clinic has helped me realize my dreams. I feel sexier and confident than ever.

-Ritu Gupta, 31, Vadodara
Dr. Vikas Gawri I have fantastic results from the breast lift surgery done at Kyra Clinic. The procedure has given me confidence to live my life in a way that I always desired. Many thanks to Dr. Vikas Gawri.

-Seema Chawla, 32, Sydney
Dr. Vikas Gawri I couldn't be more thankful for choosing Kyra Clinic as my preferred choice for Breast reshaping. Not only the procedure went well but the staff was also wonderful. Staff at the clinic ensures that the patients are most comfortable for the procedure. I can't recommend a better clinic.

-Tina Walia, 42, Cairo


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