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Revirginization / Virginity Restoration / Virginal Tightening

Revirginization/Virginity Restoration/Virginal Tightening in ludhiana, punjab, india

Restoring Virginity - For You & Him
Hymen is a delicate vascular membrane encircling the vaginal orifice in young girls. It has no other known function other than mythical symbol of virginity that is torn after the first sexual intercourse. However, many strenuous physical activities such as cycling, horse riding or even using tampon can disrupt it. It is not uncommon for woman to wish to restore hymen which represent their virginity when they are about to get married or enter a new relationship. Kyra Clinic is eminent cosmetic surgery center known for Revirginization/virginity restoration in Ludhiana, Punjab, India that offers various latest virginal tightening treatments through certified and experienced surgeon Dr. Vikas Gawri at an economical price.

Also known as Hymenoplasty, this surgical procedure restores the torn hymen seamlessly.
It is a short procedure that does not requires stay at hospital and usually performed in OT under either local anesthesia or IV sedation.
Patient is sent home the same day after 2-4 hours after surgery.
Hymen repair surgery does not leave any scar and nobody can make it out.

Hymenoplasty has no adverse side effects on the general health of the patient and is absolutely safe and 100% successful at the hands of best surgeon like Dr. Vikas Gawri Since the results are not meant to last long, going for the procedure less than a month before next intercourse is recommended.

Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal grip over penis is crucial for pleasure during sexual intercourse. However, vaginal muscles become lax over the time with repeated sex or/and repeated deliveries.

It is now possible to regain original tighter genitals with virginal tightening treatments at premier cosmetic surgery centre, Kyra Clinic.

Doctor performs the procedure in Operation Theater under IV sedation or local anesthesia.
No hospital stay is needed and patient is discharged after 2-4 hours of surgery.

No scarring, no side effects. No one can discover about this extremely affordable procedure. Dr. Gawri ensures 100% secrecy as no personal information is either asked or shared.

Hymenoplasty | Revirginisation | Virginity Restoration

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